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About Us

Oren Elbaz - Consultancy and Real Estate Appraisal LTD

About Us

The Company specializes in provision of professional services in the real estate assessment industry - both for private purposes and for provision of expert opinions to the courts, and provides consultancy services and real estate appraisals to large law offices working in the field of planning and construction, real estate and real estate appraisal.


The office covers four fields of expertise:

1.     Consultancy and provision of appraisal services for estimates for betterment levies and reduction of betterment levy


 2.     Evaluations for private purposes and preparation of expert opinions for the courts for a variety of real estate assets.

 3.     Appraisal support for planning processes from the initiation stage and until approval of the plans and appraisal consultancy

          support for National Master Plan 38 projects.

 4.     Specialty in identification of assets and provision of expert opinions for historic dates while using historical archives.


The office works in coordination with complementary professions such as: legal counsels, construction engineers, architects, surveyors, accountants and so forth. The Company is led by Oren Elbaz, a BA graduate in Economics and Management and an MA graduate in Law. He is a certified real estate appraiser on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and a member of the Real Estate Appraisers Association in Israel.

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Oren Elbaz

 Economist, Lawyer and Land Appraisers
Sokolow 83, Tel Aviv, 6228441
Mobile: 052-2442631

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